“Park” Extra $$ When You Fly

Are you flying out of SeaTac Airport? Airport parking rates are a whopping $26.00 a day! Sure, there are lots of off-site parking lots, but most are so far away or have hit-or-miss shuttle service.

Choice of the Travel Queen: MasterPark. They have several lots, Lot B is closest to the terminals.  Just pull up, they VALET your car for you.  That means you don’t have to drive around looking for a spot and then hiking back to the pick up point.  How much time and hassle does that save you? Oh, and did I mention, the drop off drive is covered?  Why would THAT be important in Seattle???

Their rates, about 40% LESS than the airport garage.  Print off a web coupon to save the most coin.  Show your Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan card and score some miles too.

Have you ever tried to park during one of the peak weeks such as spring break, President’s week or over Christmas?  You can run your blood pressure up in a hurry as you drive up and down Hwy 99 looking for a lot with available space.  Save the hassle, MasterPark takes reservations on line!!!

And when you return, call the number on the ticket or look for their agent at the pick up area there in the terminal garage.  Your car will be waiting for you when you get back on their comfy shuttle.

They handle your bags, take reservations, take good care of your car, give you miles and have some of the nicest staff I’ve ever encountered.  If you are really lucky, you’ll catch a ride with Jeff and be treated to the “music of the month” which could be anything from Elvis to the Beach Boys to the Beatles.

Oh, and they save you a TON of money – money you can spend on your vacation instead of on parking your car!


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