Size Matters!

Size does matter, particularly in cruise ships. With the launch of the Oasis of the Seas, the world’s largest cruise ship by Royal Caribbean the question arises, is there such a thing as “too big”?  Larger than any aircraft carrier in the US Fleet, the “Oasis” is a floating city complete with about 5400 passengers and over 2000 crew.

Is this the right ship for you?  Maybe. Certainly if I were going on an ocean crossing voyage, I’d be on the Oasis.  I’d take full advantage of the zipline, the central park with the 12,000 + trees and shrubs and sample the fare of the 37 bars and restaurants.  With a ship as large as the Oasis, it’s all about the boat.

Other, smaller cruise liners are about the PORTS. The Oasis is too large to dock in most ports around the world while smaller ships can get you more places, including some that are off the beaten path.  So if you want to wake up each day in a new place with sites and adventure waiting at the end of the gangway, a smaller ship such as Oceania (average 600-800 passengers) is a better choice.

If you have young children, Disney cruises cater to the family.  We did a Carnival cruise when the boys were pre-teen and they loved it!  Mostly they loved the unlimited pizza and soft-serve ice cream available 24 hours a day.

There are a lot of choices in the mid-range size of cruise liners.  They average 1,800-3,000 passengers and offer a wide variety of entertainment, food and menu choices and still manage to dock in most of the major ports.  The names are ones you’ve heard; Carnival, Celebrity, Norwegian, Royal Caribbean, Princess and probably a dozen more.

So how do you choose the right cruise for YOU?  Next Saturday I will give you the 4 points I think you need to consider so you can find just the right size ship for YOU!


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