Travel Cooties

Do you always seem to catch a cold every time you travel?  I used to but it hasn’t happened to me in over a year, not since my husband read an article pointing out what is most likely to make us sick when we travel.

No, it’s not the cabin air of the plane – it’s your fellow travelers!  Not just the ones you can see coughing and sniffling, the ones who just got OFF the plane could be the culprit as well.

Germs can live on surfaces for up to 24 hours and with the quick turn of aircraft, there is not a lot of sanitizing taking place.  The cleanest place on the plane is likely to be the bathroom!

What is a savvy traveler to do?  We buy boxes of anti-bacterial Wet Ones for about $2.  As soon as we board the plane, we tuck out bags away and as we take our seats, we open one of the single size packets and wipe down EVERYTHING!

Start with the seat belt buckle and armrests then continue on to the tray table, including the release or handle.  Don’t forget to do the light button and air vent control too.  

Use one for your hands and you are ready to sit back and relax for the duration of your flight.  Don’t worry about getting strange looks from fellow travelers.  My experience is our actions typically get an acknowledgement that it’s a great idea from the flight attendants and other frequent flyers.

Keep a couple of extra packets for the flight home and another for your hotel room.  

What to use it on in your room?  How about the remote control?  Same with the telephone and the alarm clock on the nightstand.  Most hotels do a great job of cleaning, but sanitizing these frequently used items is NOT on the housekeeping checklist!

Staying healthy makes travel more enjoyable.  When something that helps is this easy and inexpensive, why wouldn’t you do it?


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