Just Zip It!

By now you would have thought EVERYONE would know that liquids you carry on the plane with you need to be in a quart sized, sealable plastic bag.  Yet every time I go through security at the airport, someone in one of the lines does not have their toiletries properly packaged and it holds up the line.  When this became the rule several years ago, airports had plastic bags and you could grab one as you entered the security line.  NO MORE.  The bag companies had been providing these free of charge but no longer do.  Airports do not spend the money to buy the bags either so it is the travelers responsibility.

I got caught behind one of the unprepared just last week and it was clear our line was going nowhere until this problem got solved.  Fortuneately, I travel not only with my own zip top bag but a few extras as well.  Tucked into the small zipper compartment of my rolling bag are 2-3 empty, extra zip top quart size bags –  one of which I pulled out and gave to the traveler in front of me.  Sure, it’s not my responsibility to provide baggies for the other travelers, but as long as he is clogging up the line, it’s my problem too.

Tip #1 – Be prepared yourself wth small size toiletries in a zip top, quart sized bag before you get to the airport.  Read the TSA requirements here if you are not sure about them.

Tip#2 – Tuck a couple of EXTRA baggies in your carry-on in an easy to access pocket  in case your bag tears or another traveler has not read this blog!

You will also be surprised how many uses you find for these extra bags as you travel…to hold the shells you pick up from the beach, for the extra trail mix when the bag you buy rips down the side as you open it,  for the other half of your sandwich you didn’t finish at lunch but will likely want before you get to your final destination and countless more.

Tip #3  Even if you check your luggage, putting your liquid items in a zip top bag is still a good idea.  I’ve seen more things leak than you can imagine when subjected to the temperature and pressure changes your luggage experiences during flight.

Tip#4 – Larger size zip top bags (gallon and even 2.5 gallon) can come in handy at times too.  I pack one of each in the bottom of my suitcase to use when my swimsuit is still damp and it’s time to pack to leave.  Larger ones are nice for repacking shoes covered now in sand, dust or mud too. 

Hard to believe something so small can make such a difference when you travel but it’s true.  A small investment for a lot of convenience so just zip it!


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