Live Studio Audience

If you read last week’s blog post you have the skinny on getting tickets to be in the audience when your favorite television shows tape in LA.  If you missed it, scroll down and you can get caught up.

Let’s pretend you actually have received the email saying “Congratulations, the 2 tickets you requested to attend the taping of _______ has been filled.”  There will then be all sorts of information or directions to go to a website for instructions.

READ & FOLLOW THEM CAREFULLY.  Some shows require you to click on a link to confirm.  Others want you to call the day before to confirm.  Yet others only want to hear from you if you are NOT going to attend.

If you need to confirm the day before, set an appointment alarm on your cellphone so you don’t get so busy playing tourist that you completely forget to make the call!

Directions:  Each studio will have directions and typically even suggestions for where to park, where to pick up the tickets or where to line up.  Yes, no matter how you get your tickets you will be spending a lot of time in a line.

Be prepared for a line.  What does that mean?  Think about everything from your shoes to sunblock.  These are hot shoes, but you may not want to stand around for a couple of hours on concrete in them.  Part of the time you may be in the sun so a hat, sunglasses and sunscreen are appropriate.  I sometimes even take one of those folding paper fans to combat the heat.

None of the shows allow cameras or video and some even ban cellphones.  Be prepared to turn yours off or perhaps even have to “check it”.

No big bags or backpacks.  Security inspects all bags so smaller bags make the process go smoother.

Food and drinks are not allowed in any of the studios.

Bathrooms are in short supply.  Go before you get on line.

Where the line can often be hot, the studios are usually FREEZING.  Short shorts and tank tops may be a common look for southern California, but jeans and a light jacket, hoodie or sweater will make you more comfortable once you take your seats in the studio.

Seating is assigned by the staff.  Mortals are not privvy to the system by which these seats are assigned so be prepared to sit wherever they put you.  Being unpleasant about it can get you removed altogether.  If you need handicap access, but sure to note that when you request your tickets.

Being in the studio audience is fun.   There are often goodies for being in the audience.  Even if you aren’t one who gets a car in the Oprah audience, a free book from a featured author, cd from a musician or just a few t-shirts tossed into the crowd as part of the warm up is common.

With shows that are taped a few days to a few weeks ahead, they will tell you when to expect it aired so you can watch and try to catch a glimpse of yourself on national television.  No trip to the LA area would be complete without a touch of Tinseltown.  Being part of a studio audience takes a little planning but it’s a memory you will always cherish and it’s FREE!


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