Wheels of Fun

Over the years, my husband has been a bike rider.  Not the sort who rides to work with his suit in a backpack, just the weekend, recreational bicyclist.  On the other hand, I never learned to ride a bike as a child.  My first bike was one I purchased as a teen when it was the only “wheels” I could afford.  After several memorable crashes and one particularly nasty trip over the handlebars, I concluded this was not for me.

When my hubby recently took up biking again, I thought I would try again.  Being older and wiser though, I didn’t rush out to buy a bicycle.  Instead, we went down to Alki Beach to Wheel Fun Rentals to check out the right sort of bike for me.

True to their name, they have all sorts of choices of fun wheeled rides from beach cruisers to scooters to 3 wheeled and 4 wheeled vehicles – even a surrey that is perfect for families and groups of friends.


Given my “history” and desire to share adventures with my husband, we thought a tandem bicycle might work for us.  An hour’s rental was only $12 and since we got there before 2:00 on a day when they weren’t particularly busy, the 2nd hour was FREE!   We brought our own helmets but they have a bin of assorted sizes in case you don’t have one.

With John in charge of steering and shifting, I was able to relax and enjoy the scenery.  We could also share what we were seeing since we could talk easily as we rode.

We used the nice, paved path along Alki Beach first in one direction towards the lighthouse then back again and down to Jack Block Park.  It’s a flat, easy ride perfect for beginners or families.  Even seasoned riders would enjoy the wooden bridge out over the water and the skyline views of downtown Seattle.

For us, it was an inexpensive way for us to try out a “bicycle built for two” before investing in one.  However, even if you NEVER plan to buy any of the various wheeled vehicles offered, it’s a low cost, fun outing for couples, families and friends.

If you can get there around 11:00 on a weekday, you will have your choice of rides, get the 2nd hour free and not have to dodge a lot of other traffic on the trail.  Take a leisurely, scenic ride then go have lunch at one of the many great local restaurants along Alki Beach.  Choices range from the famous Spuds to Slices to Alki Cafe, award-winning pizza at Pegasus,  the rooftop deck at Duke’s or the deck off the bar for adults at Salty’s and many others.

There are other places to rent bikes around the Pacific Northwest.  Wheel Fun also has rental locations all across the United States.  Many of their rental locations also offer tours which would be a fun way to see the sights and work off some of the calories we all consume when on vacation!


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