Planning Ahead Can Save Big

We all know to buy our airline tickets at least 2 weeks in advance in order to save some money and often, the further ahead you purchase, the better chance you have for snagging the lowest fare.

If you are planning a visit to another major city sometime during the next few months, sign up for both Living Social and Groupon for that city.  Do this for cities you visit regularly whether it’s for business to because you have family or friends there.

Create a new email address for your “out of area” offers so you can easily distinguish between the local and out of town offers.

While you probably look for great deals on manicures, dining or even car services in your local offers, keep an eye out for more tourist type activities in your other city.  

Recently, Living Social offered a significant discount on a 30 minute scenic flight for 3 or 5 with Seattle Scenic Flights.  Groupon had a bargain on a “Ghost Tour” of the Market and Post Alley – a “Top 10” of national ghost tours.

Previously there have been discounts on a trip to observation deck on the Smith Tower and Segway sightseeing tours of downtown and West Seattle among many others.

Of course, there are always great deals on restaurants and lodging too.

To be sure you don’t buy “bargains” you can’t really use, use the map and directions feature so you don’t buy something for a location too far from where you will be staying.  It’s not a bargain if you spend what you saved on taxi fare to get there!

Also, don’t buy unless your trip is definite!  If you buy deals in a city where you have family or friends, you can always offer it to them if something should change but these deals are non-refundable so buy wisely!

Lastly, read the small print.  You don’t want to get a deal that’s only good during the week if you are only going to be there on the weekend.

These daily deal sites are a great way to save money both in your home city and in major cities you visit.  Sign up today (they’re free!) and start saving!


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