Dream Vacations Start with a Dream

My friend, Marcia Brixey, helps educate women on financial matters.  She also keeps a “Dream Board”.  This board has images clipped from magazines, internet articles or even photos from friends to represent what she wants to accomplish this year.  She often has travel items on the board along with career and other personal goals.  Dream boards are a popular way to visualize, and consequently achieve, many goals.

I’ve never been one to make an actual “Dream board” but that doesn’t mean I don’t visualize – even fantasize, especially about travel destinations.  My first international trip was to Martinique, a French island in the Southern Caribbean. Why?  I liked the sound of the name.  I liked saying “I’m going to Martinique” and I did say that – probably for 18 months before I actually bought the ticket and went!  Didn’t know much more than than and, given how totally unprepared I was, I still managed to have a memorable time.

Now with the internet, there is NO excuse not to dream – and do some research!  Bhutan keeps coming up in our household lately.  My husband has a fascination with “hiking in the Himalayas”.  He’s seen ads each month in the back of the 2 travel magazines we subscribe to and we’ve gone so far as to visit the website for Boundless Journeys and their trip offerings to Bhutan.

We’re also doing a lot of hiking here in the Pacific Northwest – usually talking about hiking in Bhutan at least part of the way along the trails.   Certainly knowing you want to go on a hiking trip gives you an incentive to get out more locally to “get conditioned” for the future trip.

What is YOUR dream vacation?  Do you even have one?  If not, go buy a travel magazine or two this weekend.  We like National Geographic Traveler as well as Travel and Leisure.  Put one in your bathroom at home and take another to work to peruse over your lunch hour.  Turn down pages, tear out pictures, log on to websites for more information or use the images as postings on your own “Dream Board”.  Talk about various destinations with friends, coworkers and family – if they haven’t been personally, sometimes they know someone who has and can provide valuable insights.  Be sure to include those who might go with you too.

All dream vacations start with a dream…start dreaming and don’t be surprised when your dreams become reality!


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