My Aching Feet

Travel is hard on your feet.  Doesn’t matter what shoes you wear, your feet suffer.  Flying makes your feet swell so the shoes that are normally your favorite, are feeling snug after a couple hours in the air.  I wear a FitBit and my travel days are always some of my most active – it’s a lot farther from the garage, through security, to your gate, then to baggage claim and ground transportation at your destination than you realize.

I do not travel in sneakers.  I prefer flats – often with rubber soles – that look dressier.  They are “comfortable walking shoes” without having me look like a stereotypical “tourist”.  They are easy on and off at airport security as well.


No matter what shoes you wear, you will likely spend more time on your feet when traveling than you do at home.  After hours at the Louvre’, touring the museums and monuments of Washington DC or working your company’s trade show booth in Las Vegas,  your feet are going to be tired.  Sometimes they feel as if they are on fire.

It was after my own day at the Louvre’ that I discovered a great way to refresh my aching feet.  My husband and I, to enjoy the beautiful day, took a seat on the edge of the large fountain in the rear courtyard of the Louvre’.   We took off our shoes and dangled our feet in the water.  We spent about 30 minutes soaking up sunshine, splashing our feet in the water, enjoying the scenery and taking pictures.
When our feet were dry and we put our shoes back on, I was surprised to find they were no longer tight and my feet were no longer sore or tired!  The cool water had reduced the travel swelling and left us feeling absolutely refreshed!

We had the same experience after walking over 12 miles one day in our nation’s Capital!  Now whenever we find ourselves in need of refreshing, we look for a fountain to take a break and splash our feet.

When there isn’t one or the weather is not conducive, I’ve been known to fill the hotel tub with a couple inches of cool water, sit on the rim with a glass of wine and a book and pretend I’m at the Trevi’ Fountain in Rome.

What a simple – and often entertaining solution – to a very common travel complaint! 


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