Neither Rain, Nor Sleet, Nor Blinding Snow

In a few minutes, I’m heading downstairs to pack.  Yesterday, when I told a woman I know that I was leaving this weekend for Las Vegas, she asked me what the weather is like there this time of year.  When I checked last week, it was predicted to be around 78 degrees and sunny every day.

She said to me, “How do you “check”?  Did you call the hotel or a friend and ask?”

She is not new to traveling so I thought, if she didn’t know, maybe you don’t know either!

About 10 days before a trip, I go to and put in the zip code where I will be staying.  You can put in the city name but in a large city, weather can vary depending on where you are so I use a zip code whenever possible.  It’s on your hotel confirmation as part of the address.

One of the options on the site is a 10 day forecast.  There is also a “weekend” option if you are just doing a quick getaway.  That will give you an idea of what to expect so you can think about what you will need to take or which outdoor activities will be most appealing.

Understand, this is only a forecast so be sure you check again right before you pack.  In this case, when I just checked again before starting to pack, the forecast had changed.  The first 2 days I’m there it will be shorts and swimsuit weather, but the rest of the week, the wind is picking up and dropping the temperatures significantly.  While it will still be sunny every day (sunglasses needed) it will be only in the 64-70 range which is not quite pool temps for me.

You can also Google television stations for the area where you are going and visit the local station websites for weather as well but I find the zip code option to be the most accurate.

I also use the “average monthly temperature” feature on to see if a particular area is suitable for what I have in mind (think getting out of the cold and rain in January).  Where this is based on many years of data, it still gives you a clue as to when the “rainy season” typically is or how much snowfall an area gets in an average month.

Bookmark the weather website on your computer in a folder marked “Travel” along with your favorite hotels, airlines and car rental companies.   Check it early, check it often and adjust accordingly!


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