Luggage or “Baggage “

On a recent trip,  my husband and I each showed up with an airline carry-on size rolling suitcase.   Our friends arrived with 2 bags each.  Their bags were also of a size that necessitated checking 2 of them.

As a frequent traveler, I try not to ever have to check bags.   It’s not a financial issue for me, my frequent flyer status gets me free bag checks. 
Larger bags are simply inconvenient and expensive in ways you may not have considered.


First,  what’s your time worth?   Whether precious vacation minutes or valuable business time,  checking a bag wastes it.  You have to arrive at the airport sooner to be able to check a bag.  
At your destination there is more wasted time at the carousel.   Even the taxi line gets longer as more and more travelers get their bags and make their way to the curb.  At your hotel you’ll waste even more time waiting for the bell staff to deliver your cart of baggage.

In actual dollars, more baggage costs more money.   You may or may not have to pay to check your bag but there are other real costs too.  If you have enough baggage that you use a cart at the airport or the hotel,  the rental and tips can add up.

The amount of baggage can also force your party to split into more than one taxi or incur added costs for larger vehicles.   We’ve had to rent larger cars to accommodate the baggage of traveling companions which cost more in fuel cost in addition to the higher daily rate.

You may not think this is significant but if you added it up as I have you may be surprised.   Personally I’d rather spend my travel dollars on an adult beverage, a nice meal or a memorable experience than on baggage costs.

Our friends were amazed by our compact luggage especially since they knew we were staying longer. I shared my packing secrets with them and I will share them with you in next Friday’s post.


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