Playing in Tucson

In Tucson enjoying the sun and natural beauty? Well what do you do when the sun goes down?

If you enjoy casinos, check out Casino del Sol. There’s a hotel with conference facilities even though we didn’t stay there. It’s brand new and, based on the attached casino, I’m sure it will be nice.

In thecasino, they have the domed “fake sky ” and European alleyway feel like along the Grand Canal and San Marcos Square at the Vegas Venetian but on a MUCH smaller scale.   

Lots of machines and even more new machines were being added when we were there. They have  2 pits of about 8 table games each – duplicates of each other.  I saw regular blackjack,  Spanish 21, some sort of poker games and a 3 deck blackjack at $25/hand min.

Several restaurants; buffet, sushi, mexican and others but we didn’t eat there.   If I had signed up for players club they were giving a free buffet.

There’s a real Starbucks there too, not just a coffee stand serving Starbucks coffee.  They do .50 refills on iced tea all day.

There’s an entertainment venue so check the website before you go, you may be able to see a great show while you’re there.

All in all it was fun and worth a trip if you are in Tucson.   The only other casino I found in the area seems to only have machines and BINGO according to their website so I didn’t go.

Casino del Sol is in the middle of nowhere.   Not close to the freeway or any other hotels,  restaurants or shops unless you count the gas station/mini-mart/drive thru smoke shop.  That means you have to stay,  eat and play there or have a car.

Also,  the restaurants are non-smoking but not the gaming.   Because each area is small I suspect it gets pretty smoky and stinky on weekend nights though it wasn’t too bad on a Wednesday.

All in all it was a nice adult evening and if you like to play, it’s worth a visit while in Tucson.


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