Ready to Go

Your vacation may be months away but there is something you can do this weekend to get ready.

Miniaturize your bathroom.  As you get ready, make a list of the items you use daily.  Use this list to buy travel sizes of your essential products.(Remember, not everything needs to be used every day – some items you could live without for the length of a trip).   Target, Walmart and most local drug stores such as Bartells and Walgreens have large sections of travel sized, TSA approved size, products.

Now if you do the math, it doesn’t take long to figure out that the convenience of these small sizes is expensive.  With the exception of deodorant and toothpaste, I don’t replace, but rather refill my bottles at the end of each trip.

In fact, I purchased a shampoo and conditioner of a brand I do not use in the travel sized section because the size and shape of the bottles worked for me.  I then poured out the product and filled with my own salon brand shampoo and conditioner.   If you do this, be sure to put shampoo in the shampoo bottle etc. to avoid frustration while on the road.

In other cases I’ve purchased the empty, plastic squeeze bottles to fill and label.  A good “ready to fill” kit is available from Bed Bath & Beyond for only $10 and comes with a sturdy TSA approved quart-sized bag, 14 bottles and jars and pre-printed labels.

Another great source of travel sized containers and products are the “gift with purchase” items from major cosmetic companies.  Again, some of these can be refilled and used over and over for years.

Like to use fragrance?  The best refillable fragrance container is Travalo.  It’s inexpensive (again $10) and is both easy to fill and leakproof!

Purchase, fill and label your bottles.  Pack them into your sturdy, clear, quart-sized plastic bag and you are ready to go!  Remember, only liquids, gels and aerosols need to be in the TSA inspection-ready bag.  If you have a small sized body powder, solids (some deodorants) or non-liquid cosmetics, they can go in another bag.  I have two, one that I have to remove for airport security and one I do not.

Where to store them?  Mine are kept inside my suitcase!

 If you do it now you will absorb this small cost now and not feel it.  Plus each of these little steps gives you a positive sense of anticipation.  You may also find it sparks spontaneity because getting ready to go somewhere is less of a hassle. 


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2 Responses to “Ready to Go”

  1. Maria Tringali Says:

    Wanted to share this – A long time friend traveled on business for many years and has now created and sells a very cool personal items travel pack. I keep mine filled, and ready to go at any time. Check it out at:

  2. JLW Says:

    I found a great site for high-end travel approved sets.

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