You Can See for Miles and Miles

I’ve lived in Seattle for 20 years and I had never been to the observation deck of the Smith Tower.  Located on the corner of 2nd Avenue and Yessler in downtown Seattle,  the historic tower has been an iconic fixture of the Seattle skyline since 1914.

Your out of town visitors will be dazzled by the original onyx marble lobby and the ornate bronze elevator doors.

To access the observation deck on the 35th floor you ride in a manned elevator with a friendly,  uniformed operator.  Younger visitors will likely never have seen or ridden in one of the old fashioned elevators.  Older guests will enjoy the trip down memory lane on the way up to the top.

At the 35th floor you’re in the Chinese Room decorated with gifts from the Empress of China.  Take some time to appreciate the spectacular ceiling and the displayed maps of historic Seattle.

The observation deck offers a 360 degree view of Seattle and the surrounding area.   You get a birdseye view of the stadiums,  the container shipping yard, the ferry traffic, the Space Needle, Mount Rainier, the Olympics and the Cascades.

You’re also likely to learn a little Seattle history while you’re at it.  Did you know the 7 story sloped roof of the Tower houses a private apartment – yes, it’s occupied and the tenants have access to the glass ball in top?!

Open year round, observation deck admission prices range from free for the youngest to a maximum of $7.50.   It’s close to Pioneer Square, the Underground Tour and the Klondike Gold Rush Museum (part of the National Parks Service right in downtown Seattle!) if you want to expand your outing.

We had a great lunch at Collins Pub a couple of doors north of the Smith Tower lobby.   You can read my restaurant review on TripAdvisor using this link.


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2 Responses to “You Can See for Miles and Miles”

  1. john murphy Says:

    Oops… That’s 2nd and Yessler near the football stadium.

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