Don’t Drink the Water!

Those who know me will attest that I rarely drink water.  I do drink gallons of “water-based beverage” – specifically no calorie iced tea – every single day.  One of the ways to eliminate a lot of calories while on vacation is to switch to water over sugary soft drinks.

In a previous post, I suggested going to a grocery store as soon as you arrive at your destination and stocking up on water.  Even in places where the water is “safe to drink” you may find the taste not to your liking.  Plus if you are in a warmer climate you will likely need to hydrate more.  Same if you are more active on vacation.

This is also true for your children.  Most families see an increase in soda consumption (or at least requests for more) while on vacation.  Often wanting a holiday from the whining, parents give in more than they would at home.  Given the increasing instances of childhood obesity – an alternative is clearly needed.

I don’t like water.  Chances are your kids don’t like it either.  To save both money and calories, consider some of the packaged mixes for your bottled water.  Our family likes Propel so we bought a couple of boxes of different flavors of Propel mix.  No calories.  Simply open a packet, add to plain water and shake.  At the store, a 10 pack box was right about $2.00.  (There is even a free sample offer on their Facebook Page which you an access with this link.)

That means you can buy the least expensive bottled water at the grocery store, add this 20 cent flavoring and make water something special.  

Sometimes rather than use a flavored mix, my husband will simply add a packet of Splenda to plain water.  This little bit of sweetner satisfies his sweet tooth without the calories.

Many places will let you bring in bottled water even when they don’t allow “outside food or beverages”.  So you can take your flavored water just about anywhere with you (except through airport security).

If you do like the taste of the water where you are, you can always refill the empty water bottles from the tap and use them over again.  Just be sure to use a Sharpie marker to write each person’s name on their bottle!

Try this on your next trip to get your crew to drink more water while not adding to their calorie consumption.


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