Poolside Essentials


I spend a lot of time in the sun.  Every pool at every resort I see people clearly unprepared.  Some have no sunscreen, others nothing to read.  Others come juggling – often dropping – everything.

So what’s the Travel Queen”s pool essential list?

Sunblock – I transfer my favorite into a plastic TSA friendly bottle.

Reading material – for me that’s my Sony ebook reader.  Screen reads like a regular book, even in bright sunshine and it holds more books than even I could read in a week.

Music – meaning specifically,  the ear earbuds.  Have you ever tried to enjoy a novel while rambunctious children screech nearby?   If so, you understand why I carry my iPod shuffle filled with tunes.  If you plan to read, think about the music you choose.

My husband listens to books on tape so his Samsung Galaxy Skyrocket cellphone serves as both reading material and noise cancelling.

Visor.   Keeps the sun out of your eyes and protects your face.  I like the soft foam type with the pigtail strap in the back.  Comfortable,  light weight, thin and flat for easy packing.

Good quality sunglasses.  I spend the money on designer shades because the lens quality is better as is the protection offered.

I also bring out a water based beverage – flavored water for my hubby, iced tea for me.


To carry it all, I use the vinyl tote that was the airplane carry-on tote. My Prima Classe is my favorite.  I load it up with airplane essentials for the flight then let it serve double duty as my pool tote.

Enjoy your time in the sun this summer!


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