“Cinderella” Cruising

Perhaps no woman has known the magic of a great pair of shoes more than Cinderella.   Maybe the fairy tale’s repeated recitation is at least partially to blame for the female obsession with shoes.

Whatever the reason,  shoes are almost always the culprit when women travel with an abundance of luggage.

I just returned from a 15 day overseas trip, part cruise, part land which I did with a total of 3 pairs of shoes.  One I wore each way on the flights and the other 2 were tucked away in the single standard size bag I brought.


You can see by the photo that I brought a tan pair of jeweled sandals with a modest 2″ heel.  These were neutral enough to go with all my dinner outfits, secure enough for walking (and dancing)  on a moving vessel and dressy enough to be evening appropriate.

Then I had 2 pair of rubber soled flats.  Given the amount of walking I anticipated,  I knew my feet would appreciate alternating between 2 comfortable “walking ” shoes.  One was gold/khaki – the other pewter metallic.   Both worked well with the white or khaki waking shorts and the rainbow of colored tops I wore each day while touring.

Please note neither of the casual shoes were “athletic” shoes – the big, clunky white fashionless ones that helped earn us the label of “ugly Americans”  in the rest of the world.

You’ll also notice none are flip-flops.   These are completely unsuitable for touring as you never know when you will encounter gravel or dirt paths, cobblestone or rocky stairs and other situations  where open toes are discouraged and a more stable footing is necessary.

One of the flats works fine to walk laps on board, ride a stationary bike on a sea day or just to wear to the pool.  The slippers most likely provided in your stateroom are great for wearing to the spa.

When traveling the key words are versatility and practicality with a dash of style sprinkled in for good measure!

Because you asked:  Here is a photo of the 2 pairs of shoes my husband took for the same 15 day trip.  His comfy boat shoes with a cushy insole served as his “day shoe” and the Cole Haan linen loafers were his “evening shoes”.  You’ll notice the squeeze bottle of powder in the picture – a squirt in each shoe makes for great all day wearing comfort without socks for both men and women.  If you find the top of your foot gets irritated, after you squirt in the powder, turn the shoe over so some of the powder coats the inside top of the shoe also!


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2 Responses to ““Cinderella” Cruising”

  1. Bryan Heathman Says:

    Very cool. I’d be interested in seeing a picture of your male companion’s shoe collection for travel.

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