Kauai Fun

Kauai certainly lends itself to being active and many visitors are far more active than me.  However,  if you are not hard core but want a little adventure with your sun time, here are some options you may want to consider.

Kauai Backcountry Adventures offers both zip line and tubing.  We went tubing because they have exclusive rights to the irrigation canals – and tunnels – of an old sugar plantation.

The ride, about 3 hours included a sandwich lunch, sturdy inner tube, gloves and helmets with lights.

Sometimes its a lazy river, others the current picks up and once over the course of the 2 miles,  there is even a mini-rapids.

The best part though are the 5 tunnels that were cut through the lava rock about a hundred years ago.  Most are so long you can’t even see daylight from one end to the other!  They even encourage you to drift through the last one without using your light – totally in the dark!

TWear a swimsuit and shoes you can get wet but NOT flip-flops.  (No flip-flops on the zip line either.)  I wore my reef walkers and a T-shirt over my swimsuit and was perfectly comfortable.  Bring a towel and dry clothes for after.

As long as you can walk down a couple of steps into the water, turn around and sit in the tube – you can do this and you’ll be glad you did!

Waimea Canyon offers a wide variety of hikes.  I had a map from the internet and had chosen a route but without directions from the staff at Kokee Lodge, I’d still be looking for the trail head!  Most are slightly better marked than the one we did.  Some are dangerous and require permitted overnight camping.

Plenty of others take a couple of hours, some water, snacks or lunch (we took all 3) and get you off the paved walkways to see some breath-taking scenery.

If you want to explore the Na Pali coast without a death-defying hike or killer sea kayak trip, go rafting with Capt. Andy

The Zodiac rafts reach speeds of over 40 MPH.  You will get wet, bounced around and the next day you will feel like you’be been bull riding for 5 hours from holding on and holding yourself upright.

You will see dolphins, turtles likely and even whales at various times of the year.  Bring a waterproof camera and you can even get great underwater shots like this!  You’ll also go inside a variety of sea caves along the north shore which only sea kayaks and these rafts can enter.

The day included lunch (tasty!), snorkeling (waste of time) and a visit to the ruins of a native village (interesting) .  They provide you with dry bags for your gear (towel, dry clothes, shoes, wallet and camera) and you will want sunblock.  Hats are nearly impossible to keep on but a tightly tied bandana seemed to help cover bald heads as protection from the sun.

This is a high adventure trip suitable for anyone over 12 and without back issues.

Kauai has a lot to offer beyond just beaches, golf and sunshine.  Whether you want a little adventure as in last week’s post, or a little more adventure as above, you’ll find a lot to see and do while on the Garden Isle.


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