Rollin’ Along

On my way home, I frequently see people participating in the Segway Tour of West Seattle.  While that wouldn’t be my first choice of a “tour” I do love riding Segways and think they are a great way to see an area.  I bought the Segway Tour of the downtown Seattle waterfront on GroupOn as a gift for one of my stepsons and his girlfriend.  It would also be fun as something to do with visiting relatives.

Never ridden a Segway?  It’s easy and fun!  You have to be able to stand.  You need to be tall enough to comfortably rest your hands on the handlebars and stable enough to lean slightly forward and backward.  That’s how they go, with a slight lean forward to move forward – backward to go in reverse – stand up straight to stop.  The tour operator will give you a helmet and you should wear flat shoes.

We did our first Segway tour in California as a tour of the stars homes in Beverly Hills.  Because of the agility and quiet ride, we literally were in the driveway of Tom Cruise’s home peering through the gate.  Next we took the family and did the tour offered that goes up to the Hollywood sign.  Also very cool and one I highly recommend!

You can do Segway tours of all sorts of places.  There’s one I plan to do in Miami.  It focuses on the Art Deco architecture and even the Versace mansion. How about a sunset on the beach tour in Hawaii? There are Segway tours in Washington D.C.,  Chicago, Dallas – most major cities.    When you get some experience, there’s even a “Hills and Thrills” tour in San Francisco  in addition to the “tamer” versions they offer!

Even international cities such as Berlin, Budapest and Paris have Segway tours! I think the Paris at night tour would be beautiful!

When should I Segway rather than just walk?  Ever walked all the monuments in Washington D.C.?  The hills of San Francisco?  Hiked to the Hollywood Sign?  I have done all of the above and while great – it can be exhausting!

Segways are a great way to cover a lot of ground effortlessly!  The guides also give interesting information and there is an audio system so no one is shouting or straining to hear.  Like architecture?  Fancy houses?  Segways are great ways to see both.

Is there a city you’ve been to a lot?  One you “have to go to” but don’t really want to?  See if there is a Segway tour.  They often offer more “neighborhood” tours in addition to key attractions so give you a new look at a city PLUS, the experience of riding a Segway is fun enough and cool enough to make even a routine trip more interesting!

Hate groups?  Most Segway tours are about 6-8 people but many also offer private tours for just your group.  Once you are Segway friendly, you will also find many cities where you can rent a Segway to tour yourself.  Safer, no license required and they burn NO FUEL!

Next thing you know you’ll be rollin’ along, singin’ a song…


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