Girlfriend Getaway

As you are reading this, I’m hiking in Bhutan.  If that sounds a little too far away, a little too expensive or even just a bit too ambitious – maybe you’d enjoy a destination race with your girlfriends.

You don’t actually have to run – you can walk and all you need is a good pair of sneakers.  Destination races comes in all shapes and sizes from 3 miles to full marathons.  They give you a chance to get in shape, spend time with your friends and visit a new city.

Sure, you can do a charity walk right in your own city and that’s a good warm up.  But why not do a race in the Northeast as the leaves are changing?  Why not breathe in the coastal air in California or the latin beat of Miami?

Like to mix in some music with your walking and talking?  The Rock ‘n Roll Marathon Series tours the country year-round and features live bands at every mile along the course.  You can sign up for the half or full marathon – or just go for the music and other activities.  The organizers post “25 Things to Do” on their website along with suggestions of things to do in each city.

What’s not to love about Los Angeles in late October or Las Vegas the first weekend in December?   In particular, Vegas is VERY QUIET early December and room rates are a bargain.  Airfare is inexpensive and easy from just about anywhere so why not?

Book a massage for after the race and enjoy a nice dinner with your friends.  Getting a little exercise after Thanksgiving and before Christmas can’t be a bad idea and hey, you can do some holiday shopping while you’re there too!


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