Capture the Memories

As you read this, I’m STILL in Bhutan.  That means I’m probably on about photo number 300 and still shooting!  For as long as I can remember, I’ve been very disciplined about making photo albums as soon as I get home.  I know if I put it off for more than a couple of days, it will become yet another unfinished project.

Now with on line services such as Shutterfly (my personal favorite) it’s easier than ever to preserve the memories of your trips.  Using their templates, you upload your photos, arrange them as you like, change the background and add text.  No more forgotten names of temples or towns – you can put captions on photos throughout your book.


When it’s finished, you have a coffee table worthy photo book your friends won’t believe you made yourself.  They also take up a lot less space than traditional photo albums which I like as well.

If you have easy access to wi-fi while on your trip, you an upload your photos as you go and even arrange some of the pages while relaxing before going to sleep each night.

Use the Eye-fi chip in your digital camera and send the pictures to your cloud account any time you are in range of a wi-fi connection for easy sorting and editing.

Depending on where you are traveling, you could have your photo book ordered by the time you get home and in your mailbox a few days later!  Gotta love that!

Of course, there’s no rule that you can only use these great photo books for memories of your trips.  You can make them for your kids or parents to put all the childhood photos into a book.  A friend of mine made a book for her son with pictures of him playing hockey, in Halloween costumes, even the day they brought home their dog as a puppy.  Christmas is coming.  The gift of memories is always welcome!


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