Traveling Companions

My husband and I just spent a great week with friends who met us in Florida.  Finding others to travel with is often challenging.  Here are some things to consider as you think about who to invite share your next vacation.

Traveling Styles – Are you a planner or a no reservations type?  Planes? Trains? Boats? Road trip? Outdoors or museums? Hikes or spas? Five star or camping? Dancing the night away or an early run on the beach? Ask friends to describe their favorite vacation. If it doesn’t sound fun to you, find someone whose does.

Hiking with Friends

Together…or Not. Do you like some time on your own on vacation? Its important to ask other travelers in advance. Can you do independent things at least some days and then swap stories over dinner or do you expect to do everything together?

Who Pays for What? Money can be a trouble spot in any relationship including travel partners. If you love pricey food and drink, be sure the others do as well. Non-drinkers quickly resent being asked to “Just split it” when the bill includes cocktails or bottles of wine.

Napa with friends

Separate checks is a good solution if half the party consistently eats and drinks more or less than the other. Just ask the server up front and let everyone enjoy their meal.

We bought a great trip for 4 at a charity auction that included air, hotels, some activities and car. We weren’t looking for reimbursement for half from the other couple, but the friends we invited immediately said they’d pick up all the meals and gas.

Scotland with friends

Sharing adventures can be great but be realistic. If someone drives you crazy over an evening with their bickering, drinking, tardiness, cheapness, negative attitude or drama – it will only be worse with the repeated exposure of traveling together.


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