Downtown Oasis

Looking for a great place to take a break from shopping while in downtown Seattle?  How about a place for a bite before or after a show?  A conveniently located spot to meet friends for a glass of wine?

Then look no further than the Fountain Wine Bar in the Seattle Sheraton on 6th Avenue.  The newly renovated space along the Pike Street side of the lobby is a lively space to refresh and recharge.

With over 40 wines by the glass, most with ratings of 90 points or above, you are sure to find something to your liking.  They also proudly boast some of the lowest per glass prices on premium wines – refreshing indeed!

Want a bite to eat?  Order from the tapas menu and then sit back in a cozy chair, sip your wine and relax!  The fountain in the center of the room creates a welcome oasis in downtown Seattle.

This new “hotspot” will quickly become your “go to” spot and like me, you’ll be looking for excuses to go there!


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