Cave Tubing in Belize

On a recent cruise, one of our stops was Belize City, Belize.  Not one to indulge in “duty free shopping”, we look for unique activities in each destination.  Cave tubing definitely filled the bill!

Caves Branch OutpostThere was about a 40 minute, air-conditioned bus ride from the port to Nohoch Che’en, Caves Branch Archaeological Reserve.  There are more than one cave tubing company in the area.  We were with Caves Branch Outpost and we found them to be very professional in every regard.

All the touring companies require you carry your tube, life jacket and helmet about 30 minutes down a dirt and pebble trail to the spot in the river where you “put in”.  Closed toe shoes are also required.  No flip flops or aqua socks.  The path is rough underfoot and there are times you have to cross the river on foot so a sturdy sole is a must!

If you have a waterproof camera – bring it!  You can also use a “Shark Pack” for your cellphone which is what we did to get these pictures which we shared with our fellow travelers.

Jungle Walk to the River

The water is “refreshing”.  While cool, it feels great on a warm day after your half hour walk to the river.  You won’t encounter mosquitoes thanks to the bats that make the cave their home.  We also didn’t get a good look at the bats so if you are spooked by them, just don’t look up while you’re in the cave.

Your group of 8 riders will have a guide.  Our guide 20120105_170142strung our inner-tubes together and in places where the water is very shallow, tows the line of guests to deeper water so you don’t get stuck.  He also serves as an information source both along the trail and inside the cave.

Inside the CaveOnce you get to the river, you sit back and enjoy!  You are inside the cave about an hour and another hour out on the river.  Don’t worry, you don’t have far to walk once you get out (maybe 100 yards) and there is a great lunch waiting for you in the lodge building.

Cruise passengers Cave Tubing

If you are planning a trip or a cruise ship stop in Belize, Cave Tubing will be the highlight of your visit!


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2 Responses to “Cave Tubing in Belize”

  1. Wendy Collins Says:

    I work for King County, WA, USA and I stumbled upon your blog because I’m looking for photos of people who practice safe tubing (life vests, shoes, etc.). We will be making two signs to post along a local river encouraging residents to practice safe water recreation. I’m interested in using your photo – would you please consider allowing us to? Please respond via email.

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