Planning with Pinterest

Planning a trip for this summer?  Next spring to coordinate with a graduation or destination wedding?  Always find yourself tearing out magazine articles on restaurants?  Just working on your “bucket list”?

If you answered yes to any of those, you need Pinterest In case you don’t know, its basically a web-based bulletin board. Pinterest Load the free software on your computer, tablet or smartphone.  The program will add a “Pin It” button to your toolbar or drop down menu. Then when you find something on the web you can “Pin It” to a board and it saves an image as well as the hyperlink.

How does that help with trip planning? Simple.   Build a board for a particular trip, or as I have done, for each city.  As I search the web, I add hotels, attractions, restaurants and more to the appropriate board.

If I read an article about a place I’ve never been, I’ll go on line to the sites mentioned and pin them to a board I might call Future Trips or Beach Destinations – or even Bucket List.

Read a restaurant review that makes you say “Next time I’m in LA, I want to eat here”? Go to the restaurant site and pin it to your LA board.

Best part, because its web based, you can access the information from your smart phone. No more kicking yourself for not remembering the name of the place you read about!

Same is true for adding “finds” you make along the way.  See something interesting? Pull up the site and pin it to the appropriate board! Want to share some of your favorite places in Kauai with a friend going there?  Share your board for easy access to the links even several years later!  You can also “follow” others who share similar interests  and take inspiration from what they post.  See something you love?  Add it to one of your boards.  Sure beats a filing cabinet full of folders you never access!


Pinterest is a great paperless  planning and dreaming tool for all areas – decorating, cooking, gardening, crafts, entertaining and yes, travel.


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One Response to “Planning with Pinterest”

  1. frugalfirstclasstravel Says:

    Great idea! I’ve got an account and have a number of boards, but I’ve never considered using Pinterest as an actual pinboard.

    Another example that the simple ideas are the best!

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