PNVY: Mackinac Island

PNVY stands for Places Not Visited YET.  Like most of you, I have a list of places I’d like to see.  My friend, Marcia Brixey is a big proponent of “dream boards”.  She believes that what you see you make happen.  Rather than photos on poster board, I am writing a blog and posting links on a Pinterest board for my PNVY.

Mackinac Island scene

Mackinac Island is one of those places.  A small island (3.8 square miles), part of Michigan and located in Lake Huron, there virtually NO motor vehicles on the island and 80% of the land is a State Park.  Intrigued?  I am!

Imagine getting off the ferry and traveling to your hotel in a horse drawn carriage.  If you saw the classic Christopher Reeves film, “Somewhere in Time”, it was filmed here at the Grand Hotel.  Sit on the 660 foot porch (said to be the longest in the world) and just unwind.


That doesn’t mean there is nothing to do here – quite the contrary.  You can take a several hour cruise to a lighthouse or any number of other cruises offered.  There is a renown butterfly house, a historical fort plus plenty of shops, galleries and restaurants.

For 10 days in June, there is a lilac festival and how could you NOT want to visit a place that each August hosts a Fudge Festival!?!  Even if you don’t happen to visit during the annual Fudge Festival, there are 6 – count ’em – 6 fudge shops on this tiny island all making delectable, irresistible fudge.

There’s also a lot of entertainment on the island from comedy to music.  Several music festivals take place at different times of the year and there is music in the park in the summer.

Can’t get away in the summer?  Mackinac Island has something to offer any time of year and HGTV named it a Top Ten Christmas Town.

No doubt you’ve probably just added Mackinac Island to your travel wish list.  Look around when you are there, you may just see me, your Travel Queen!



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