An Uber Good Idea

Do you cringe at the thought of getting into a cab?  Too many of them are just gross!  Lots of old, beat up and dirty interiors where we try not to touch anything!  In an unfamiliar city, we often fear of “being taken for a ride”.  You know what I mean, “Is this the most direct route or one intended to run up the meter?”


Then there’s paying.  Yes, many display credit card logos but rarely have I had a cabbie who seemed happy to see my Visa card.  So usually you need cash and I just don’t carry much cash.

towncarTown Car services have existed for a long time but they need to be set up.  Unless you already have an account with a car service, you’re not going to call one when you need a ride home from an extended happy hour with friends.  Where certainly nice, they are a bit pricey and are limited to your home or the frequently visited city where they are based.

The best of both worlds is Uber.  A free app on your phone, it let’s you call for a car in a growing number of major cities.  Like a Town Car service, you need to set it up but it takes only a few minutes.  One set up covers you in any Uber city.  You enter your credit card and even set the tip percentage you want included as the default.

When you need a car, you request one using the app.  Your phone’s GPS provides your location and you can alter it if its not 100% accurate.  You will get a text confirming your request giving you both the estimated time to pick up (usually within 5-15 minutes) and a photo of your driver.  You’ll get another text or call when your driver arrives.  You get a receipt in your email.

We’ve used them both to and from SeaTac airport on our most recent trip.  Both experiences were impressive!  Quick, clean, good condition black cars with neat, friendly, professionally dressed drivers and even bottled water waiting in the back seat- all for less than we usually pay for a traditional taxi!

Time of day doesn’t matter either.  We went to the airport at 10 PM and it was after midnight when we landed.  You don’t have to just use them for the airport.After dropping us off at home, our driver planned to stay in the area to provide rides for people who have been barhopping.

Visiting New York?  San Francisco? Dallas?  Chicago?  Even Phoenix?  Check the growing number of cities where Uber offers service – even some international cities!  We are converts to this great, hassle-free service and will be using it regularly from now on!


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