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Staycation! Tourist in your own town

October 27, 2015

When I was a kid, we didn’t have a lot of disposable income.  kansas-city-missouri-downtown_at_twighlightWe certainly didn’t have money for camps or family summer vacations.  That doesn’t mean I had a boring childhood – quite the opposite.  One year McDonald’s gave out a cartoon type map of Kansas City showing both local landmarks and of course, their restaurants.  My mom took that map and used it as a “Tour KC Guide” and each week we went on an outing.  Again, we didn’t have the funds to “eat out” – even at McDonald’s – each week so she packed picnic lunches for us.  What a great time we had and what wonderful memories!

McDonald'sYou can do the same thing even without the help of a McDonald’s map!  Before you say “I’ve already done everything there is to do in this town” you may want to think about it.  Likely there are new museums, galleries or attractions that have opened.  Others I suspect it has been a LONG TIME since you visited.  Maybe it’s time to go back to the aquarium, the science center or Northwest Trek.  Do you have a friend who moved to your town in the past few years?  Invite them along.

 It’s always fun to play tour guide.


Great WheelMy Seattle list includes riding the Great Wheel, the giant Ferris wheel on the waterfront in downtown Seattle.  The harbor seals have a new home at the Seattle Aquarium I might have to check out.  Northwest Trek has added a zip line and I do love zip lines.  I’ve never made it to Wolf Haven but it interests me – anything with animals interests me.  Which makes me wonder,  what might be new at Woodland Park Zoo.  Fall is a great time to visit a zoo or wildlife sanctuary where the animals are more active in the cooler temperatures.  There’s also the Chihuly Garden and Glass which I got a glimpse of as we rode the elevator up to the Space Needle for a special dinner.

Chihuly Garden and Glass

When you don’t have to factor in the cost of transportation and accommodations, a vacation gets much more affordable making a “Staycation” an attractive idea.

There are lots of great memories to be made right in your own backyard.  With a little internet research and a spirit of adventure you can make this a year to remember no matter what your budget.


Summer in Seattle

July 1, 2011

There is no place more beautiful when the sun shines than Seattle.  The water plays an important role in that beauty and when summer arrives, it’s a great time to take advantage of the wide variety options to get out on the water.

Every day we see the Argosy Cruise ships giving tours in Elliott Bay.  The city makes a beautiful backdrop for a special occasion.  You can take cruises for lunch or brunch (least expensive), or dinner.  There’s even a “Murder Mystery” cruise!    If you just want to soak up some sun, they also offer tours on Lake Washington which lets you see the beautiful homes of some of Seattle’s most affluent residents.

Want something a little more campy?  Ride the Ducks!  Yes, it’s a funny looking vehicle.  Sure, the tour is signature quirky but haven’t you always wanted to ride in an amphibious vehicle?

You don’t want a “tour”?  You can hop on the Water Taxi in West Seattle and ride into downtown, wander the waterfront at your leisure, visit the Aquarium, the Seattle Bug Safari, Pike’s Market, have lunch, shop then ride back to your car on the Water Taxi.   There are ways to discount the fare but even at it’s most expensive, it’s only $7 round-trip!

Want more adventure?  There are several places to rent kayaks, both in Elliott Bay and Lake Union.  You can rent canoes on Lake Washington or take a stand up paddleboard lesson.

There are plenty of ways to enjoy the waters of Seattle in the summer.  There’s something for every budget and interest.  Just because you live here doesn’t mean you can’t do some of these activities that cater to visitors.  Why should the tourists get to have all the fun?!?

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