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Exotic and Inexpensive

October 25, 2012

Want to learn a lot about how people live?  Pay a visit to the grocery store.  Whether in another part of the country or another part of the world, the grocery store is full of fascinating insights.


On my recent trip to Thailand I found unusual fruits; Dragon Fruit, Pomelo and Chinese Oranges (shown in that order left to right) to name a few.  Pick up a couple that look interesting and take them back to your hotel room to try them.

They can make an inexpensive meal or just a bit of an adventure, but don’t try to take foreign fruits or vegetables back home to the States.  There are restrictions designed to protect our food chain and always be sure to thoroughly rinse what you buy to eat.

Need some exotic but inexpensive souvenirs?  The grocery store is the place for those as well.

Interesting teas, salts, spices, nuts, candy make great gifts for those back home.  Macadamia nuts are a lot less expensive in the Maui Safeway than they are in the gift shop!


You’ll also find products not available at home.  I brought back Pimento Salt from Portugal and vacuum packed olives (easy to pack – no glass, no liquids) from Greece.

I’m a chip junkie so I’m always trying different flavors of chips.  In Thailand I found flavors such as Hot Chili Squid and Nori Seaweed.  If you have teens at home, this is an easy and fun gift to bring home from your next business trip out of the country.  Imagine the fun they would have with their friends trying these unusual flavors – way to be the “cool parent”!

These exotic taste treats are a fun way to share your travels and you’ll quickly learn why the grocery store is my favorite place to shop when I travel!


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