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Out of the Blue

October 7, 2015

The FIRST EVER “Cruise for Wildlife” fundraiser for Liberty Wildlife took place Saturday night on a stunning houseboat on Lake Pleasant.  Nautically dressed Scottsdale residents (just less than 60) were treated to a very memorable evening!

Out of the Blue

Out of the Blue

Start with the houseboat “Out of the Blue”–  It’s fabulous!  Elegant, gorgeous and comfortable for your family or a group.  You don’t have to wait for a special event, you can rent this gem for your friends and family. What a great vacation option!  Plenty of space, a lake in the desert for swimming and water sports – a perfect formula for great memories.  Getting married?  Why not have your special day aboard this special vessel?  Company events? Charity events such as the one I attended?  Reward your staff or raise funds in style!

Then cruise miles of hidden canyons and the scenic shoreline of Lake Pleasant on a perfect desert evening.  The beauty doesn’t end when the sun goes down – look up.  Yes, you can see the Milky Way with the naked eye.  Stargazing away from the light pollution of the city and have some wishes handy, look – there’s a shooting star!

But this special evening was a fundraising event for Liberty Wildlife.  If you live in the Phoenix area and don’t know Liberty Wildlife, you should!  This wonderful organization rescues injured, imprinted or orphaned birds and other native wildlife (yes, even snakes and Gila monsters) with an eye to releasing rehabilitated animals back into the wild.  Megan Mosby was on hand to share information about the great work done by Liberty Wildlife as was Carol, the volunteer coordinator and of course,  handlers for “Aurora”.  20151003_183706_resized

John, Sunny & Aurora

John, Sunny & Aurora

How about getting up close and personal with Aurora, one of Liberty Wildlife’s resident bald eagles!?!  We’ve all seen pictures, eagles on television or movies but nothing prepares you for the size and majesty of standing next to one of our national treasures!   Even though she’s not a “night owl”,  Aurora seemed happy to stay up late and sail with us for the evening.

The food was plentiful and delicious – from wraps to shrimp to hummus and roasted veggies.  Great wine, beer and cocktails too.  A nice sweet treat to end the evening?  Personalized cookies!

Please, please, please make this an annual event!  But if you missed it and are interested, there are other wildlife events throughout the year open to the public and you can access the calendar here.  Stay connected to Liberty Wildlife as they prepare to move to their new facility next spring.  Once there they will be open to the public – something you’ll surely not want to miss!


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